If you ordered a school supply kit, please make time to pick it up next week. Pick up times will be as follows:

Wednesday 6/13 2:30-4pm on the stage

Thursday 6/14 2:30-4pm on the stage

Friday 6/15 any leftover kits will be available to pick up at the Ice Cream Social 

Direct any questions to Aamie Blow at


Thank you to all who support the Spring Spirit Wear Gear Drive! All items were distributed through backpacks last week. Please contact Eileen Sequeira ( with any questions. Next gear drive will be in the Fall. Thank you!


Jennings is providing dinner for Operation Hope on Tuesday, July 17 and we need your help! This is a great opportunity to get involved in helping our community. There will be approximately 50 people to feed so we are requesting volunteers to donate money to order pizza. As this is a summer date it will be easiest on everyone to send in money and then I will order pizzas for that night to be delivered to Operation Hope. Who doesn’t love a pizza night?!

Please contact Adria Ellis at and let her know how you’d like to help out with the Operation Hope dinner!!

If you can’t help monetarily but would like to contribute in another way, you can donate dry goods. Operation Hope has a “Food Pantry Wish List” which you can fine on their website at

Jennings Garden

Your children have all been enjoying getting out into the garden and doing their final plantings with their classmates. The children really enjoy the garden activities and they are always very excited and curious about growing things. In order to keep the garden maintained, and growing over the summer we will need volunteers. Each summer you have the opportunity to sign up for a week of garden care. On your week, you and your child(ren) will have the opportunity to visit the school garden, you will need to maintain the weeding and water all the beds, and the reward will be getting to pick what is ripe. There will be tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more. Additionally, the garden committee will be in the garden each week on Friday morning until the end of school, doing the weeding and watering. Please contact Bridget Hyde at, if you are interested in a week of Garden Care.

Additionally, the garden committee will be in the garden each week on Friday morning until the end of school, doing the weeding and watering. If you are curious and/or would like to help please stop by Friday, June 1, June 8, June 15. Rain dates are Monday, June 4, June 11, and June 18.



Mark your calendars for Jennings Summer Reading Night at the Main library is July 9th, 7:00pm. Please join us for games and reading incentives.



President Elects                                                                           Cynthia Rodriguez, Susan D’Andrea

Treasurer                                                                                       Jen Damon

Assistant Treasurer                                                                      Tara Learman

VP of Fundraising                                                                        Bridget Hyde

VP of In School Programs                                                           Krista Vitanza, Amy Helmer, Stephanie Reda

PTA Council Delegates                                                                Stephanie Schechter, Meg Bayers

Board of Ed Delegates                                                                 Dale Resnick, Rachael Chappa

VP of Communications                                                                Fernanda Marchi

Secretary                                                                                       Amy Calandriello

VP of Family Events                                                                     Maria Feay, Lilach Levy

VP of After School Programs                                                      Kathy Haze, Melissa McCarthy

Volunteer Coordinators                                                                Rena Paris and Rachel Aroeste

Budget Review Delegates                                                            Lisa Vancho, Meredith Wahl-Jones


Do you shop Jennings is now an official non-profit charity in Smile.Amazon
It is the same site, only you start at

This link will take you to Jennings Charity page and you just need to shop as you would on the regular Amazon site, only Jennings get a portion of your order!  Please consider making Jennings PTA your charity

Happy Shopping! If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Damon

New A-F School Calendar

This year the elementary schools will follow a new 6 day rotational schedule.  

Please be sure to take a close look at the 17-18 ELEMENTARY A-F CALENDAR to best understand and plan for the upcoming school year.

Free Money for Jennings from Stop & Shop !

Register for Stop and Shop Card today: Earn Jennings FREE money by simply entering in your card number.

A+ School Rewards are here!  We have entered our school, so register your card today.  You must re-register every year, so even if you were a part of the program last year, please take the time to re-register you card:
Go to
            Click on REGISTER YOUR CARD (under customers)
In spaces provided, enter the first three letters of your last name and Stop & Shop card number located on the back of your card.
In space provided, enter Jennings School ID number:  06649
Start Shopping!

Jennings Jargon

jaguarNew to Jennings?  Get to know the lingo…Backpack Mail – Mail delivered to and from school through your child’s homework folder.  Deliver notes to the teacher, turn in permission slips, send in PTA forms to the office…the students deliver it!

Change of Dismissal Forms – A form that instructs your teacher of any changes in dismissal.  This form is located in the Forms & Flyers tab under CURRENT Forms & Flyers and can be printed out at home.

Playground pick up – Students that are picked up at their classrooms exterior doors at the end of the day.  Classroom teachers monitor this dismissal.

Car pick up – Students that are picked up in front of the school using the car loop.  The line can get long – especially if there is rain!!  Don’t worry – the Jennings staff is there assisting students and parents.

Monday Memo – The weekly email blast that goes out to all parents.  This keeps everyone informed of upcoming events, school news, as well as some town wide information.

Tricky Tray – Actually, there is no tray and there is no trick!  This is one of our famous fundraisers – this Fall being held at the Spooktacular. Each classrooms gets a theme and students are invited to bring items matching that theme ($7.50 price limit).  Room moms then assemble the items in a fun way – in a basket, etc.   Each classrooms package is then put on display in the cafeteria.  Students are invited to purchase raffle tickets where they can put as many tickets as they want into the selections they would like to win.  At the end of the program (usually a few days), winners are selected at random for each classroom package.

Meal Pay – Remember hot lunch tickets or bringing milk money?  No more – our cafeteria is all computerized.  Accounts are set up and funded by parents.  Each student has a picture in the cafeteria computer and when they purchase their hot lunch, the money is deducted from their account.

Proud Board – This bulletin board is located near the entrance of Jennings on the way to the Library.  This is a place for teachers to recognize outstanding school work by students.  New materials are put up every week.

Character Assembly – Kids love this opportunity to get together with Mr. Voulo in the gym for an opportunity to recognize Jennings students who have displayed all the ingredients of CARES.


C – Cooperation

A – Assertion

R – Responsible

E – Empathy

S – Self Control

Bucket Filling – This concept was adapted from the book “Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids” by Carol McCloud and David Messing.  This concept is integrated into all facets of the Jennings community and is designed to foster kindness amongst our students.

High Five – A small hand shaped plastic ruler that is so much more than that!   High Fives are given out by Mr Vuolo to students for doing various positive acts at Jennings School.  Whether it is helping a friend, growing as a reader or proving yourself to be a marvelous mathematician, receiving a high five is a special way we celebrate student success.

Digital Message Board – The screen in the front foyer where daily messages keep the community up to date.  It is also a place where student projects in technology can be celebrated and shared with the entire Jennings community.