Notes from Meeting 03/1/2019

There is quite a bit going on in Hartford as it pertains to education legislation according to Jennifer Jacobsen. Questions, contact First Selectman Tetreau.
β€œIt’s the funding formula that we are most concerned about,” said Dr. Jones regarding state budget.
The BOE brainstormed about facility issues. Thoughts include a long term solution for the ECC, schools that are over capacity, AC/HVAC, Walter Fitzgerald, elimination of portables.
ECC discussion:
Mr. Mancusi spoke about other ECC type programs in neighboring districts. He said the same services could be provided in one location or two separate locations.
The Board will move forward with two sites for ECC. They brainstormed about possible locations. Many board members suggested Holland Hill and McKinley. Burr was also mentioned due to infrastructure being there already. Jennings was mentioned a few times, but without AC this is not really a viable location.
April 30 at 7:30pm town hall to discuss ECC more.

501 Kings Highway East, Fairfield