Membership Information

We invite you to join the Jennings School PTA and show your support for the many wonderful things that the PTA brings to the Jennings Community!

As a Jennings School PTA member, you are entitled to vote at PTA meetings, to hold a PTA office and to have a voice on the issues at Jennings. As a PTA member, you are not required to volunteer, but you are always welcome to do so.  Membership allows 2 adults to vote at meetings.

As a service for the entire community, the Jennings School PTA publishes the Jennings School Directory each year. The Jennings School Directory is a handbook that includes school policy and PTA information as well as the names and addresses of all Jennings families. In order to be included in the Jennings  School Directory, the Jennings PTA must have permission to publish your name, address, telephone number and an e-mail address. The Jennings PTA will only publish the names of families who complete this form. Access to the online directory is given to each family in September.  To receive a printed directory you must check the box on the membership form when registering.

Annual PTA membership dues: $16 per family

($11 from each family membership goes to the Connecticut State PTA)

Extra Jennings School Directories: $4 each

CLICK HERE to join!