Book Swap


Come one, come all!  The Jennings Book Swap is typically held in March!!  What is the Book Swap?  It’s a great event where kids (and parents!) can clean out their bookshelves & come home with “new” books.  
Go through your shelves at home & bring in a book(s) you no longer want to keep and are willing to swap. Parent volunteers will collect books & distribute tickets each morning before school starts the week of the event!
For every book you donate you receive 1 ticket (price/format doesn’t matter) and you can bring in as many books as you want.  Then on a Thursday in March, bring your tickets to the Jennings gym and peruse the tables and tables of available books, which will be arranged by age/reading level. Each “new” book will cost 1 ticket.
PARENTS OF MIDDLE SCHOOLERS!  In years past, we have had an over-abundance of books for K-3 (from the older elementary kids) but very little for the 4th-5th graders.  So, if your middle schooler wants to donate some age-appropriate books, that would be very welcome!
This is a great event that gets kids excited about reading and books!  Any books leftover after the swap will be donated to local charities, including New Haven Reads, a community book bank that offers free reading tutoring.