Tools for Schools

Tools for Schools is a program developed by the EPA to help schools maintain a healthy learning environment by identifying, correcting and preventing indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. Tools for Schools has a strong emphasis on reducing asthma and allergy triggers which leads to reduced absenteeism, improves test scores and enhances student and staff productivity. The parent volunteer(s) will work with a team that consists of: the principal, the nurse, the head custodian and teacher representatives. The team is responsible for educating the school community about the importance of a healthy school environment as well as how to reduce allergy/asthma triggers and IAQ source problems in the building. The team meets in the fall and conducts a building walk through to assess conditions and make recommendations for improvements. Periodic meetings and/or communications may be necessary to follow up on improvements needed. The team also meets in the spring to conduct a secondary walk through and monitor condition of the building. All resources needed are found on the EPA’s Tools for Schools website: If you have a child with asthma or respiratory allergies this is a great opportunity to get involved and contribute to maintaining a healthy learning environment for your child as well as all students and staff at Jennings.

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