Science Expo

Held in November

Students in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 are invited to become “scientists” and display their work in the Jennings School Gym.

  • The material link below will outline the initial information requirements for participation. Highlighted below are a few general rules/tips to keep in mind for the Expo.
  • Students should have FUN deciding on a science project… all you need is an idea and a prediction, a.k.a. – hypothesis! For assistance, example projects are attached.  Use these for reference when creating your experiment and display. 
  • Students may enter the Science Expo as individuals or in teams of two.  Teams greater than 2 students will NOT be considered. 
  •  No food or latex items are allowed for the physical display at presentation.  However, you can certainly take pictures of projects involving these items. 
  •  The Jennings School library and the Fairfield Woods Branch Library both have wonderful resources to help you come up with an idea. The following websites are a good resource as well – or