The Jennings Elementary School PTA relies on parent volunteers for all our events and programming.  The PTA provides enriching programming for all students to benefit from so please consider volunteering your time in any capacity – all are welcome to join!  There are many opportunities that can fit your schedule.  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the PTA’s Volunteer Coordinators:

School Year Volunteer Coordinators:


Rena Paris, renaparis@yahoo.com

Mary Campbell, marylasko@hotmail.com



Paper Volunteer Form



Jennings PTA Volunteer Form

You can select multiple items from the list.


With families, jobs and busy schedules, it’s not always easy to decide where to devote your time and talent. Most of our PTA Volunteer Opportunities are flexible and family-friendly…there’s sure to be something that will suit your availability and interests!


…WORK FULL-TIME. There’s plenty you can do. Lots of positions require mainly email communications, phone calls and other tasks that can be done at your convenience. Consider: 

• Curriculum Enrichment                                                      • Communications Committee

• Fundraising Committee                                                     • Working at Family/Fundraising events

Lots of school events take place at night or on weekends. Most importantly, you can come to our evening PTA General meetings!


…ARE HOME WITH YOUNGER CHILDREN. Any job that requires phone and email contact at your convenience could be a great fit, including:

• Curriculum Enrichment Committee                                 • Communications Committee

• Fundraising Committee                                                     • Room Parent

Younger children are also welcome at many Jennings events throughout the year.


…HAVE REGULAR HOURS TO SPARE. Perhaps you can fit in an activity or committee that meets regularly:

• Jennings Times—our school newspaper published by students 4 times a year

• Health and Wellness/Tools for Schools/Green Committee


…HAVE VARYING ABILITY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Lots of programs are seasonal or single events, including:

• School Pictures (September)                                            • Scholastic Book Fairs (Fall)

• Spooktacular (Halloween)                                                 • Science Expo (early December)

• Variety Show (January/February)                                    • March Madness

• Math and/or Reading Nights                                             • Reading Incentive (March)

• Yearbook (DATE)                                                                 • Student Publishing (May/June)



• CANE (Connecticut Audubon Nature Experience) for K-2 and Mill River 3-5 let you introduce our children to the wonders of our environment. You’ll undergo

brief training before you lead in-class programs and field trips (HOW MANY PER YEAR PER GRADE?) that our students have come to love and anticipate.

Or roll up your sleeves and volunteer with:

• Garden Committee

• School Beautification

• Banners/Bulletin Boards


WANT TO BE IN SCHOOL OR IN FRONT OF THE CLASS. In addition to CANE and Mill River (above), consider:

• Art in the Classroom

• Junior Great Books

• Storytelling